Eschatology: Recommended Books

The Momentous Event

W. J. Grier

(Banner of Truth)


Possibly the best introduction to the Reformation view available! A two-page appendix dealing with the 70 weeks of Daniel Chapter 9 lends itself to copying and distributing.


Why I Left Scofieldism

William E. Cox

(Presbyterian & Reformed)


A challenging 20-page booklet useful as a polemic tool. You will want to put this in the hands of those entrenched in today’s popular theology.


Great Prophecies of the Bible

Ralph Woodrow


Dealing with most major issues in prophecy, the author devotes 50 helpful pages alone to the Olivet discourse of Matthew 24.


His Truth Is Marching On


Here the author of Great Prophecies offers advanced studies on a variety of prophetic themes, presenting the fulfilled view in contrast to the pervasive "futurism" of our time.


Amillennialism Today

William E. Cox

(Presbyterian & Reformed)


Not content with expending overmuch energy criticizing other viewpoints, the author offers a positive system in considering the question of the 1,000 years.


More Than Conquerors

William Hendriksen



One of the outstanding Bible commentators of this century, Hendriksen presents the view that the Book of Revelation is a series of panoramic looks at the church age.


The Book of Revelation

Harry Buis

(Presbyterian & Reformed)


A simplified commentary giving a verse-by-verse exposition of this difficult book.


Israel in Prophecy

William Hendriksen



Various commonly held theories and views regarding the Jews are explored and examined in light of Scriptural truths.